• Fire Sprinkler

    Another Uponor First: This Time with Fire Sprinklers

    Posted 8/26/2015 by Eric Skare, Product Manager
    The industry is probably getting tired of hearing “another Uponor first”. But, it’s true. We’ve had more “firsts” than any other PEX manufacturer — with our ProPEX® expansion fittings, with our large-dimension pipe, with our AquaSAFE™ multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler system.
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  • Sunset Green Home

    Sunset Green Home

    Posted 8/14/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    Nature is a powerful friend and an equally powerful foe. From wildfires to hurricanes, Mother Nature keeps us in line and reminds us that we are a hearty bunch; when the storms of life pull us down, we pop back up, dust off and move forward.
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  • VLD Ad

    Uponor’s New 2½" and 3" PEX Pipe and ProPEX® Fittings Offering Makes History

    Posted 8/10/2015 by Kate Olinger, Product Manager

    I’ve been working at Uponor for more a decade, and in that time I have seen many significant innovations in PEX piping applications. From a multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler system to PEX-a Pipe Support, Uponor has continued to lead the North American market with new products and systems for plumbing, heating/cooling and fire safety.

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  • Solar Decathlon

    Left-brainers, Right-brainers and the Solar Decathlon Competition

    Posted 8/5/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    As a Journalism major, I’ve always admired those left brainers who think sequentially and analytically – I always imagined they are the science kids, the mechanical engineers sort.

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  • Vikings Stadium

    Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium project helps to shed light on Uponor's vision

    Posted 7/28/2015 by Kristin Bradley, Marketing Intern
    Innovation is probably the word that comes to mind when you think Uponor, and there is a reason for that. Uponor has been endlessly striving to meet the demands of their customers as well as their surrounding communities.
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  • hePEX Straight Lengths

    Why use Uponor's Wirsbo hePEX™ 20-ft. Straight Length Pipe for overhead hydronic piping systems

    Posted 7/20/2015 by Justin Churchill
    There are many reasons why contractors prefer PEX pipe over rigid, metallic piping systems for overhead piping applications.
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  • Reclaimed Water Pipe

    Creative Technologies Help Reuse Water

    Posted 7/14/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    As I’m sitting at my desk, staring outside at what seems like endless sheets of rain pouring from heaven, it is difficult to imagine that there is a serious drought going on in many parts of our country. And the widespread drought is reaching epic proportions resulting in research and products that offer pretty drastic solutions. In fact, many of us struggle with the image of transforming wastewater into potable (read drinkable) water, yet this is a very real (and constructive) solution to the drought problems.

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  • Commercial Ball Valves

    Two Important Questions to Consider When Specifying or Installing Commercial Ball Valves in an Uponor PEX Piping System

    Posted 7/9/2015 by Tim Peick

    If you’re an engineer or installer, you have a lot on the line when designing and building a commercial structure. You need to make sure the structure you design and build will meet the owner's expectations, perform as designed and come in at (or under) budget.

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  • Fahey Treehouse

    Dreaming of Treehouses with Uponor Radiant Heating

    Posted 6/26/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    As a manufacturer of PEX tubing, you will often find Uponor reps and employees talk about the comfort of radiant-heated floors. You don’t have to look further than the Uponor website for information about its benefits, value and effectiveness. In fact, your eyes may glaze over as we wax about all its wonderful attributes (it’s quiet, it’s hypoallergenic, it’s cost effective, it’s energy efficient) ….. yes, we can go on and on, but I digress.

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  • Spaces Designed with Uponor for Relaxation

    Posted 5/18/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    I came upon an article the other day outlining the five biggest architectural and building trends for 2015. The basic premise of the article is that we want our homes to be a refuge from the outside world; and we achieve this by creating indoor and outdoor living spaces that encourage and provide this escape.

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