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Let's chat about Uponor PEX and other stuff – Uponor LiveChat now live by Matt Graber

Posted 11/7/2013 by Matt Graber

Tech Services has launched a new way to get a hold of the team. Recently, as you may have seen, we implemented a way to chat with people that may be searching our website. 


We can help you with any questions pertaining to radiant heating/cooling, plumbing or fire safety — from installation to standards. We don’t offer any sort of dating advice and trust me you wouldn’t want that sort of advice from us anyway.  


So far we have received 226 chats over the last month without the service really being announced. Currently, we are averaging around 5 chats a day and they are people from Engineers to our Sales Reps. You will notice the new “Chat now” tag on the lower right of the page. This will get you in contact with the next available Tech. Rep that is logged into the chat. It will say “leave a message” when we are out with the locals serving up mean curveballs at the local softball fields. Don’t worry though as the message is sent into our email inbox and we address the question/s as soon as someone becomes available.


It is really easy and convenient to navigate people around the website when they are trying to find manuals or specifications.  It is much easier to just send a link than telling someone over the phone about where to go to or to find a particular document. This is also convenient for the customer as they can just stay on the computer and get a quick answer without having to call in and possibly wait on the line for the next available person. So far the majority of the people contacting us through the online service are Contractors, Sales Reps, and then Engineers.  I think this will slowly get more traffic as time goes on for some of the more simple questions we would normally receive over the phone.


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  • Kathy said:
    11/20/2013 9:22 PM

    I'm considering using Pex for a repipe. However, I live in the country and cannot keep field mice out. I've read that rodent damage is a common problem with Pex. Any solutions for that?

  • Kim said:
    11/21/2013 9:43 AM

    According to the Plastics Pipe Institute Technical Report 11 (PPI TR 11), all materials except the hardest metals and concrete are susceptible to being gnawed by rodents. Cases with pipe (this includes all plumbing pipe, including copper) are of such a random nature, it appears the rodents are neither attracted to nor repelled by the pipe. PEX tubing does not have a taste, odor or color that attracts rodents. While it is possible for rodents to chew through PEX tubing, these are rare instances when the tubing is an obstacle for them. This is true for many products in or around the home that a rodent may encounter — wiring, insulation and other building products used in construction. Your best bet would be to contact an experienced PEX plumbing installer to see if he or she has found any best practices for installing PEX in areas prevalent with rodents. Depending on your application, there may be sleeving options that will protect the PEX pipe in specific areas that may be more susceptible to rodent infestation.

  • Melissa said:
    12/6/2013 8:51 PM

    What is the best way to heat pex line and keep it from freezing. Heat transfer wire or heat tape

  • KMF said:
    12/7/2013 9:22 AM

    Our heating guy says heat tape will work.

  • Bryan said:
    3/5/2014 1:24 PM

    Is heat tape approved by Uponor?

  • Matt said:
    3/5/2014 2:45 PM

    The use of approved heat trace cables are allowed with Uponor PEX-a produces, provided the product has automatic thermostatic control capability and the temperature does not exceed the maximum rating listed on the piping (200°F/93.3°C). Heat tape should be wrapped around the piping and secured with zip or cable ties, not tape; then insulated with either closed-cell or fiberglass pipe insulation.