Guiding Principles

The cornerstone of Uponor's operations is understanding and meeting customer needs. Our principles guide us in our work so that we can deliver high quality PEX plumbing products and bring value to our customers. Our principles reflect what we stand for and explain how we wish to behave towards our customers, partners and each other; in short they are our promise to the customer.

Our guiding principles reflect what we stand for.

Improving effectiveness
Most rewarding

We are willing to learn and share information.

• We are willing to learn and create new ideas
• We improve our present ways of thinking and doing
• We share information openly and co-operate to achieve business success
• We know our business and customers

We support and encourage each other.

• We communicate our vision and targets
• We build trust in an ethical way
• We actively support each other
• We give and accept constructive feedback

We promote creativity and are open to change.

• We use the Uponor's strength to create new solutions
• We do the right things, in the right way, at the right time
• We find easy and simple ways of doing things
• We are willing to change

We respect each other and encourage development.

• We enjoy our work
• We ensure respect for all individuals
• We give recognition for results
• We create opportunities to develop

We are committed to do our best to support Uponor’s success.

• We take responsibility for getting results
• We deliver on our promises
• We have a desire to do well
• We take initiative


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