What's New on UponorPRO?

November 23, 2010

New Technical Forms Posted

The new Residential Radiant Design Request Form is now posted on PRO in Technical Support/Forms/Design Request Forms. Note that the old Radiant Design Request Form has a new temporary name: Commercial Radiant Design Request Form (until the new Commercial form is created).

The new AquaSAFE™ Inspections Checklist is now available on PRO in Technical Support/Forms/AquaSAFE Forms.

Radiant Rollout™ Mat Instruction Sheet Update: Additional information in Step 8 of Radiant Rollout Mat Instruction Sheet.

Submittal Update: Ecoflex® Shrinkable Repair Tape is now 10" x 9' instead of 255mm x 30 m (10" x 98').

New Videos Available:

Uponor Unveils New Milwaukee M12™ ProPEX® Expansion Tool

Western Oregon University Case Study Video – Radiant Rollout Mat

Pollit Farm Case Study Video – Radiant Rollout Mat

Uponor Articles Posted

PHC News Cover Story: Uponor Radiant/Controls in Elaborate Home Remodel

Contractormag.com: LEED Gold Winery Features Uponor Radiant Cooling

Reeves Journal: Commercial Projects Grow More Eco-friendly

Press Release Posted

Uponor Fire Safety Expert Reassures Municipal Water Authorities

Case Study Posted

Napa-valley Winery Features Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling System

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