Advanced Design Suite

Advanced Design Suite™

The best radiant systems start with the right design. Uponor’s Advanced Design Suite™ (ADS) software is the easy solution for superior radiant system calculations and design. ADS guides the system designer through the radiant panel design, system requirements and material list generation. This powerful design tool can also perform budget quotes, provide mechanical specifications and offer a database for customers, along with many other business tools to assist the contractor with project management.

Need the New ADS Code?
For professionals using Uponor’s Advanced Design Suite™ (ADS) software program for radiant heating and snow melt designs, an extension code is required to continue the use of the program. When opening the ADS software, the user will encounter a “Program Expired!” message box. When the box appears, enter the following code to continue using ADS and prevent the warning from appearing: WADS6-U3VG (This code is valid through December 2012.) Additionally, the new price file is now available for download using the NetUpdate feature through ADS. Key changes include 2011 pricing changes and new products available for selection as well as a reorganized file structure making it easier to find the parts and pieces to add to the quote. Note: Look for another update in the next 30-60 days, which will add the functionality/feature for the new 2011 catalog items.


Key Benefits

• Calculates room-by-room heat loss
• Generates system performance requirements
• Compiles a customer database
• Creates an Uponor material list
• Produces job quotations for customers
• Provides job follow-up reminders
• Supplies mechanical specifications


• ADS 6.9 Full Install
• Patch: (for version 6.9 R1 US)
• Patch: (for version 6.8 or greater)