• Fire Sprinkler

    Peace of Mind - if fire comes knocking

    Posted 10/8/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    Every time I stay in a hotel, I see the fire sprinklers in the ceiling (whether in my bedroom or in hallways), and I always feel a bit safer knowing that I have an instant “fire department” close by.

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  • Uponor Blueprints

    Knowledge to the Nth Degree

    Posted 10/1/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    Working with highly technical professionals can sometimes be intimidating.

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  • Uponor Virtual City

    Dream Home Redo, Please!

    Posted 9/23/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    I recently built a new home. Before I started the process of building, I’d tell people that we were building our dream home. We had lofty design ideas and figured the sky was the limit on creativity.
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  • Radiant vs. Forced Air

    Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: With Radiant Heating (and Cooling), You Can be Comfortable and Sustainable

    Posted 9/18/2015 by Steve Swanson

    Radiant systems efficiently distribute warmth or cooling where you feel it most, minimizing wasted energy while maximizing indoor comfort.

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  • Vikings Stadium

    Vikings Football and Uponor's Snow Melt System

    Posted 9/9/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    The air is getting a distinct chill, and the kiddos are back to the drudgery of routines and schedules. As I mourn the end of summer, I look around and realize that most of my friends have a new bounce in their steps.

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  • Homestead of Rochester

    Senior Housing Grows with Boomers and Expands with PEX for Plumbing and Hydronic Piping

    Posted 9/3/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    The Homestead of Rochester (in Minnesota) was built in 2006 to accommodate the rise in senior housing in and around the home of the Mayo Clinic. The facility recently needed to add an additional building to accommodate the ever-growing population of baby boomers.

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  • Fire Sprinkler

    Another Uponor First: This Time with Fire Sprinklers

    Posted 8/26/2015 by Eric Skare, Product Manager
    The industry is probably getting tired of hearing “another Uponor first”. But, it’s true. We’ve had more “firsts” than any other PEX manufacturer — with our ProPEX® expansion fittings, with our large-dimension pipe, with our AquaSAFE™ multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler system.
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  • Sunset Green Home

    Sunset Green Home

    Posted 8/14/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    Nature is a powerful friend and an equally powerful foe. From wildfires to hurricanes, Mother Nature keeps us in line and reminds us that we are a hearty bunch; when the storms of life pull us down, we pop back up, dust off and move forward.
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  • VLD Ad

    Uponor’s New 2½" and 3" PEX Pipe and ProPEX® Fittings Offering Makes History

    Posted 8/10/2015 by Kate Olinger, Product Manager

    I’ve been working at Uponor for more a decade, and in that time I have seen many significant innovations in PEX piping applications. From a multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler system to PEX-a Pipe Support, Uponor has continued to lead the North American market with new products and systems for plumbing, heating/cooling and fire safety.

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  • Solar Decathlon

    Left-brainers, Right-brainers and the Solar Decathlon Competition

    Posted 8/5/2015 by Astrid Mohn

    As a Journalism major, I’ve always admired those left brainers who think sequentially and analytically – I always imagined they are the science kids, the mechanical engineers sort.

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