• Fahey Treehouse

    The Survey Says... PEX is the Logical Choice

    Posted 2/10/2016 by Madie Norris, Technical Communications Specialist
    When it comes to piping, PEX tubing, available in sizes from ¼" to 3", is the most flexible, durable, sustainable and cost-effective choice for any home or commercial building.
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  • Uponor Plumbing

    Large and In Charge

    Posted 2/3/2016 by Madie Norris, Technical Communications Specialist
    Have you heard the big news?
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  • Hydronic Piping

    Hey Grads: You're Not Too Cool For Plumbing

    Posted 1/28/2016 by Madie Norris, Technical Communications Specialist

    As a recent college graduate the past couple of months have been chock-full of enough cover letters, resumes and interviews to make my head spin. I applied to a diverse collection of industries—from healthcare to manufacturing, but manufacturing is where I found my golden ticket. 

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  • AHR Expo 2014

    Going to AHR? Uponor will be showcasing industry-first products and speaking in the RPA series

    Posted 1/22/2016 by Ashley Tramm, Content Marketing Specialist
    As the 2016 AHR Expo kicks off in Orlando this week, exhibitors will be featuring innovative new products. We would love for you to stop by Uponor’s booth as we showcase several exciting new products.
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  • Uponor IBS 2016

    Going Straight For the Cake at IBS 2016

    Posted 1/19/2016 by Ashley Tramm, Content Marketing Specialist
    As you peruse the show floor at the 2016 NAHB International Builder's Show (IBS) in Las Vegas this week, the floor will undoubtedly offer plenty of enticing frosting for your new builds.
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  • Drury Crowder Solar Decathlon

    Students Shine in Solar Competition

    Posted 1/7/2016 by Astrid Mohn
    Over the last several years, Uponor has been donating product to project homes participating in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition.
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  • Creede School

    Colorado School Goes High-tech with High Efficiency

    Posted 12/22/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    I always think of Colorado as a place with remote vistas and majestic mountains where small towns grace the landscape and people seem to appreciate a slower-paced life.
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  • Fahey Treehouse

    Demonstration Homes Offer Cool Features

    Posted 11/20/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    Demonstration homes are becoming more popular these days as builders desire to showcase special options they can offer their customers and potential homeowners are looking for ways to add custom upgrades to turn their houses into dream homes.
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  • Episcopal Homes

    As we age, it’s nice to know there are places for active seniors

    Posted 11/12/2015 by Astrid Mohn
    I like to be active. Whether I hike, run or play tennis, I always want to be in motion to keep my body fit and agile.
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  • Uponor Fire Sprinkler

    Have to Meet the Fire Sprinkler Mandate? Here's your Solution

    Posted 10/30/2015 by Kim Bliss, Uponor Technical Writer
    No matter what side of the fence you reside when it comes to the fire sprinkler mandate debate, one thing is for certain — if you need or desire fire sprinklers in your home, you must have a trustworthy, reliable, sustainable solution that will perform when it needs to in the unfortunate event of a fire.
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