Over the past five years, I have interviewed dozens of professionals about why they choose to install a radiant heating system, and the answer almost never changes: the overall comfort of a radiant system versus a forced-air system is hard to dispute.

And more and more new commercial structures have started adding radiant heating and cooling systems to their HVAC design to reduce the load off the forced air system. Take the Wasserman Eye Research Center on the UCLA campus as an example of this new way of thinking. With the building’s wall of glass facing southern exposure, engineers looked for ways to save energy while still providing exceptional comfort and indoor environmental quality.

Here’s where Uponor comes in. Take our talented design department, add some intelligent engineers, throw in 16,000 feet of Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing along with  manifolds,  ProPEX® expansion fittings and a four-man installation crew – and what do you get? A world-class research center with comfortable, even heating and cooling along with sustainable energy savings that helped contribute to the building’s LEED-silver certification.

And yes – the work behind the walls of the research center – preserving and restoring eyesight to hopeful patients from around the world – is clearly more important than a radiant heating system; yet we are admittedly proud to have played a small part in the comfort patients and staff enjoy every time they enter the building.