New Radiant Heating/Cooling and
Hydronic Piping Products for Summer 2015

Uponor is proud to introduce several new products to our radiant heating/cooling and hydronic piping offering. Our Summer 2015 offering includes Ecoflex Potable PEX Plus, Pre-insulated PEX, Wirsbo hePEX Straight Lengths, Thermal Actuator for Stainless-steel Manifold, ProPEX Brass Ball Valves and Uponor LoopCAD®.

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In Stock                  Ecoflex Potable PEX Plus
In Stock                  Wirsbo hePEX Straight Lengths
In Stock                  ProPEX Brass Ball Valves 
In Stock                  Thermal Actuator for Stainless-steel Manifold
Available                Uponor LoopCAD
Jul. 31                     Pre-insulated PEX
Week of Aug. 3       1/2” helioPEX X2 Tubing
Week of Aug. 10     3/4" helioPEX X2 Tubing 
Week of Aug. 17     5/8" helioPEX X2 Tubing

Learn more about the new products from Uponor

Uponor's Sr. Product Specialist Justin Churchill talks about the new products from Uponor including specifications as well as features and benefits.

Uponor helioPEX X2 Overview

Learn about Uponor helioPEX X2 from Stan Sveen, Product Manager- Heating at Uponor.

New Uponor Radiant Products

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