Company History

Uponor Timeline

1620 Wirsbo Company founded in Virsbo, Sweden.

1968 German inventor, Dr. Thomas Engel, develops a method to chemically crosslink polyethylene.

1972 Wirsbo introduces Engel-method PEX to the European market.

1984 Wirsbo opens its North American operations in Rockford, Ill., and introduces Engel-method PEX for radiant floor heating.

1988 Wirsbo moves to Lakeville, Minn., and is acquired by Uponor, a multinational plastic pipe manufacturing conglomerate operating in 40 factories around the world.

1990 North American headquarters opens in Apple Valley with corporate offices, a manufacturing facility and training center.

1992 Wirsbo of Canada in Regina, Saskatchewan becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Wirsbo North America

1992 The company launches ProPEX® ASTM F1960 expansion fittings into the market.
1993 AquaPEX® plumbing systems become available, offering an alternative to copper, CPVC and other plumbing piping products.

1995 The company launches its first line of engineered polymer (EP) fittings.

2000 AquaSAFE™ Fire Safety Systems provide the first PEX multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler system.
2001 Company name changes to Uponor Wirsbo to capitalize on the brand awareness of both companies.
2006 Uponor Wirsbo and Wirsbo of Canada officially become Uponor North America.
2008 Canadian Sales and Marketing offices open in Mississauga, Ontario.
2009 New distribution centers open in Lakeville, Minn. and Calgary, Alberta.
2009 Uponor becomes first to offer complete lead-free plumbing solution from inlet to faucet.
2010 North American headquarters expands the training center and opens 11,000-square-foot Uponor Academy.
2012 Uponor Academy offers CEUs for continuing education.
2013 Manufacturers Alliance Names Uponor as Manufacturer of the Year.

2013 Uponor named to Minneapolis Star Tribune Top 100 Workplaces.