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Fast, Easy Ways to Stay Elite

September 28, 2011

Be sure to keep your valuable PROadvantage Elite status, which provides customer leads and double reward points for your purchases. It only takes 30 training credits to become and stay Elite each year…here are a couple fast, simple ways to do it.

10 Credits — Webinars Uponor’s professional webinar series is a great way to learn about Uponor products and systems on your own time. Visit Web Training on PRO and select a webinar to view. After participating in the webinar, Uponor will e-mail you a code you can redeem for 10 PROadvantage training credits. Just think, 3 webinars and you’re back at Elite status!

5 Credits — Learn and Earns Uponor Learn and Earns are a fast, easy way to gain 5 credits.
1. Simply sign in to your PROadvantage account.
2. Select the PROadvantage box on the right-hand side of the screen.
3. Access the Learn and Earns section.
4. Watch a short video and answer a few questions at the end.

Each Learn and Earn you take gives you 5 credits; take 3 Learn and Earns and you’re already halfway to becoming Elite!