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Turf Conditioning Installation

Turf Conditioning

Uponor’s Turf Conditioning System is a must for teams that want to play outdoors on natural grass fields in climates where the ground is subject to freezing. Turf conditioning not only keeps grass healthy, lush and green all year long, but it also provides players a soft place to land — reducing injury and providing some peace of mind for professional sports teams’ owners.

The system circulates a warm, water-and-glycol solution through loops of Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing buried below the surface. On sunny days, the need for warmth varies, so temperature sensors communicate an average demand back to a series of control valves which respond by modulating the flow of warm water from commercial-grade boilers.

Keep Playing All Winter Long

Turf conditioning is ideal for outdoor playing fields or any situation where it’s necessary to keep the turf from freezing — even concert stadiums can benefit from turf conditioning. And the National Football League (NFL) agrees — Uponor’s Turf Conditioning System is so effective, it can be found in six NFL stadiums across the United States.

Using an Uponor Turf Conditioning System protects both the grass and the teams who play on it. Protecting the grass can avoid expensive maintenance problems when turf freezes, is damaged or dies due to extreme weather and temperatures. Protecting players from injury saves not only valuable human life, but also helps to avoid those costly medical expenses.

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Key Benefits

• Keeps grass healthy, lush and green all year long
• Protects players with a safe, soft playing surface
• Keeps certain grass types from going dormant
• Maximizes the game’s visual impact
• Eliminates the need for over-seeding with rye grass
• Grass is more resilient and snaps back faster
• Can provide some snow-melting capabilities

Typical Applications

• Football fields
• Soccer fields
• Rugby fields
• Lacrosse fields
• Concert stadiums

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