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Uponor's Plumbing System

Lead-free Plumbing

Uponor is again leading the way in revolutionary technology with the introduction of the first ever complete lead-free* plumbing system offering. This offering includes a comprehensive line of lead-free brass transition fittings and valves along with our proven PEX-a Uponor AquaPEX® tubing, advanced engineered plastic (EP) products and out-of-the-wall systems for an all-inclusive lead-free solution from the inlet to the faucet.

By being the first to offer a complete lead-free plumbing system, we are staying true to our pioneering history of bringing innovative technologies for comfort, consistency and peace of mind to millions of people across the globe. With more than 12 billion feet of PEX tubing in service worldwide, we want to ensure our products and systems continue to bring consistent results for service, dependability and reliability.

And now, with our new lead-free offering, you can feel confident knowing your system is not only the most widely used PEX plumbing system in the market, it’s also the safest.

Safe for your Whole Environment

Our lead-free plumbing systems exceed the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act and meet state lead-free legislation to ensure your potable water is consistently safe, clean and healthy. And because Uponor plumbing systems do not use torches, glues or solvents like traditional rigid systems, it provides another win for the environment — keeping dangerous chemicals out of our plumbing systems and groundwater.

*Per NSF Annex G, lead-free products contain not more than 0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces.

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Key Benefits

• Comprehensive line of lead-free products
• NSF us-pw-G marking for lead-free compliance
• Meets state lead-free legislation
• Exceeds the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
• ProPEX® — no torches, glues, solvents, gauges
• Combine with lead-free PEX-a tubing, EP fittings
• Industry’s first complete lead-free plumbing system

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