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OUt-of-the-wall Plumbing System

ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System

The ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System offers plumbing professionals an easier and more efficient method for exiting the wall with a PEX plumbing system, saving up to half the installation time compared to copper stub-outs, and offering a clean, finished look.

Fast, Easy Installs with a Professional Look

The system consists of a ½" Plastic Bend Support that snaps into a mating PEX Wall Support Bracket, offering secure support for ½" PEX from any angle. For ¾" PEX, simply use the ProPEX Wall Support Bracket, which features alternating ½" and ¾" openings, for straight-through access. To complete the support system, a flared escutcheon, which allows ProPEX expansions with the sleeve in place, entirely conceals the connection on the outside of the wall.

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Key Features

• Efficient, secure transition to fixture
• Saves install time vs. copper stub-outs
• Rigid support in 16" stud spaces
• Reduces connections behind the wall
• Eliminates more metals from the system
• Provides a clean, finished look

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