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1/2" MLC Tubing, 300-ft. Coil

Multi-layer Composite Tubing

Whether you’re a seasoned PEX installer — or just starting out — you’ll appreciate the versatility of Uponor’s multi-layer composite (MLC) tubing which features an interior aluminum tubing sandwiched between two layers of PEX. A preferred alternative to copper, Uponor MLC tubing is suitable for a variety of distribution hookups, including baseboards, manifolds, radiators, fan coils and air handlers.

Easier, Faster Installations

With its unique properties and stay-in-place feature, Uponor’s MLC tubing is a popular choice to use instead of copper for distribution piping. Connecting to baseboards, manifolds, air handlers and fan coils has never been easier. The aluminum inside the tubing makes it more rigid, resulting in a seamless, straighter run. And not only does it look professional, Uponor MLC tubing saves installation time because joints are unnecessary. Easy to manipulate, simply bend the tubing and it stays in place. Because of this ability, you can install it singlehandedly. In fact, many contractors prefer Uponor multi-layer composite tubing for radiant heating or snow and ice melting applications when working alone.

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Key Features

• Install singlehandedly
• Stay-in-place characteristics
• Low thermal expansion rate
• Barrier against oxygen diffusion
• Corrosion resistant
• No soldering, flux
• Flexible, no joints
• Faster, easier to install

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