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ProPEX In-line Valves

ProPEX® EP Valves

The ProPEX® EP In-line and Stop Valves feature patent-pending technology that combines the proven performance of our advanced engineered plastic (EP) with the precision and durability of ceramics. This provides a superior product that resists corrosion, pitting and scaling, as well as chemical and mineral buildup for reliable, long-lasting performance, even in harsh environments.

Greater Performance, More Cost-effective

Designed for use with Uponor AquaPEX® tubing and ProPEX fittings, the valves offer consistent, dependable performance for both residential and commercial applications. Additionally, because they feature EP and ceramic materials, they offer more stable material costs when compared to brass valves which use copper. The offering includes four models — two in-line valves featuring ½" x ½" and ¾" x ¾" configurations for PEX-to-PEX connections, and two stop valves which include a ½" PEX Angle Stop Valve and a ½" PEX Straight Stop Valve for point-of-use shutoff at the fixture

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Key Features

• Patent-pending EP and ceramic disc technology
• More cost-effective compared to brass valves
• Immune to corrosion, pitting and scaling
• Resist chemical and mineral buildup
• Feature ProPEX connections
• No torches, glues, solvents or gauges needed
• Address all ANSI/NSF and state lead-content initiatives