Uponor Solutions:
Pre-insulated PEX Pipe Systems

Uponor Ecoflex® Pre-insulated PEX Pipe System

Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe is the flexible, durable, virtually maintenance-free solution for buried or aboveground commercial and residential hydronic radiant heating, cooling and potable-water applications.

The PEX service pipes in an Ecoflex system consist of oxygen-diffusion barrier Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing or Uponor AquaPEX® potable tubing. The service pipes are protected by multi-layer, PEX-foam insulation and covered by a corrugated, watertight, HDPE jacket.

The unique properties of Ecoflex make it ideal for commercial and residential applications that require insulated underground piping. The lightweight, flexible, pre-insulated pipes are strong enough to tackle any application, yet install easily and quickly. And the long coil lengths eliminate most buried connections, saving time and money while also limiting liability concerns.

      • High-quality insulation to protect against heat loss
      • Competitively priced
      • Tightest bend radius available
      • Produced in North America (qualifying for Buy American Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)
      • Quick response to delivery requests
      • Multiple stocking locations throughout North America
      • Custom cut-to-length service
      • Pipe uncoilers available
      • ProPEX expansion fitting system (up to 2")
      • In-house and on-site support team
      • Lightweight and flexible
      • Long coil lengths up to 600', eliminating the need for many underground joints
        • No welding or soldering
        • No expansion loops or concrete anchors
        • Fewer fittings and connections, reducing potential leak points
        • Faster to install; snakes around barriers, obstacles and corners
        • Durable in harsh environments