If you’re interested in creating new or improving upon existing products, ideas and systems, then come see what the Uponor Engineering department has to offer.


From PEX pipe and radiant heating and cooling to plumbing and fire safety systems — and all the unique tools and supporting products in between — Uponor’s Engineering department is the core of our business. 

Everyone in Engineering helps to ensure our products and systems go to market with the utmost quality and superior performance we are known for in our industry. 

And Engineering doesn’t just stop at the production door. Uponor’s Engineering department provides the dedication and support necessary to ensure our products and systems provide complete satisfaction for every aspect of our customers’ needs.

An Inside Look

Uponor’s Engineering department is made up of Process, Product and System Development (PSD) and Technology. The Process Engineering department is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining our PEX pipe process operations and product quality. The PSD department focuses on new innovations, invention applications, patents, processes, laboratory services, time registrations and project test runs. The Technology department is mainly working on innovative research and development efforts regarding PEX pipes, applicable both at present time and for the future. The Technology department also supports production, product development, product care and process engineering to ensure superior quality and performance for our products and systems.


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