Information Technology

Are you a techie? Do you like working with all aspects of computers — hardware, software, systems, networks, users? Then Information Technology (IT) is the place you need to be.


The Information Age has permanently changed the way we communicate and do business. Whether it’s making a phone call, typing a document, sending an e-mail, printing a page, viewing a website or saving valuable data, the IT department is there to ensure it’s all working properly and consistently. And with new technologies developing and changing every day, an IT department must remain on the cutting edge to keep up and stay current.

The Uponor IT department does just that. It ensures all our communication tools — from hardware to software — are state-of-the-art, easily accessible and functioning accurately, to ensure all employees are efficient and effective to help make Uponor a success.

An Inside Look

Our IT department is comprised of various branches, including network administration, desktop support, process improvement, system development and analysis.

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"I feel empowered to make a real difference in our company"

- Scott, IT