Do you like working with your hands? Making things look better, work more efficiently and operate effectively? Then a position in Maintenance is for you.


The Uponor North America corporate headquarters in Apple Valley, Minn. has expanded several times since its inception in 1988. With that growth, along with our growth in the Canadian territories, Uponor has come to rely quite heavily on our Maintenance department to ensure our buildings, manufacturing plants and their exteriors appropriately meet our needs.

Uponor’s Maintenance department effectively and efficiently maintains the interiors and exteriors of our buildings to ensure we provide the right atmosphere to our internal employees as well as our external customers. By properly maintaining these Uponor environments, we are showing how much we care — not only about our products, but our people and the environments in which we exist.

An Inside Look

Maintenance jobs include positions in building, operations/manufacturing equipment, and exterior maintenance.


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"One of the best kept secrets in America is that people are aching to make a commitment, if they only had the freedom and enviornment in which to do so (Author, John Naisbitt). Our staff at Uponor not only has the freedom to make a commitment, but an expectation to be part of a synergistic effort for world-class maintenance."
- Ron, Maintenance