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Case Studies:  Snow/Ice Melt

Case Study
SIERR at McKinstry Station

Spokane, WA

A 1907 train repair depot receives a $20M renovation that includes Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling as well as Snow and Ice Melting Systems to achieve its energy-efficiency goals and meet LEED® Gold certification.

Case Study
Uponor Manufacturing Annex

Apple Valley, MN

Uponor's newest $18M manufacturing expansion pulls out all the stops with a highly efficient building and UPonor plumbing, radiant and snow melt systems.

Case Study
Weber Hill Villas

Eureka, MO

A development comprised of 24 single-family homes receives Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing and AquaSAFE™ fire sprinkler systems to keep incoming families safe and healthy.

Case Study
American Swedish Institute

Minneapolis, MN

A historic renovation coupled with a new building brings an updated and modern twist to a gathering spot for locals and Nordic immigrants dating back to 1908. The LEED®-Gold project includes a snow melt and plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
2012 Quality Home Comfort Award Winner

Woodland Park, CO

Energy Environmental Corporation (EEC) wins the prestigious 2012 Quality Home Comfort Award for the HVAC system installed in a luxurious vacation home in Colorado featuring Uponor radiant floor heating and cooling, snow melt and controls.

Case Study
Normand Maurice Building

Montreal, QC

When the Public Works Governmental Services Canada (PWGSC) built its 169,000-square-foot headquarters, Uponor provided radiant heating, cooling and snow melt systems to help the project meet LEED Gold building requirements.

Case Study
Northstar Commuter Rail Platform

Ramsey, MN

The newly completed Northstar commuter rail offers convenience and connections to one of the fastest growing suburbs in Minneapolis, and it includes a snowmelt system from Uponor.

Case Study
Snow-free Playgrounds

Steamboat Springs, CO

A school district adds a snow melt system from Uponor to keep two local playgrounds free of snow and ice during the long winter months.

Case Study
McTavish Residence

Parker, CO

An elaborate Colorado home uses Uponor’s Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System to efficiently and effectively control systems for HVAC, radiant, snow melt, geothermal, solar and even a pool mechanical room

Case Study
2010 GreenBuilder Vision House

Aspen, CO

Featuring geothermal, solar and photovoltaics, this luxury LEED® Gold home showcases the most innovative green building technologies, including Uponor plumbing, radiant, snow melt and controls.

Case Study
Good Fellowship Ambulance Station

West Chester, PA

A heating contractor recommends Uponor radiant floor heating for an ambulance station in West Chester, Penn.

Case Study
Henri Studio

Wauconda, IL

Warehouse owner chooses radiant heating and snow and ice melting and saves over $18,000 in energy costs in one year

Case Study
Michigan Dream Home

Bloomfield Hills, MI

22,000-square-foot home uses radiant heating to maximize comfort, energy efficiency and snow melt to maximize safety and convenience

Case Study
Westin Ski Resort

Whistler, BC

Luxury Canadian ski resort incorporates Uponor snow and ice melting system to keep pool deck safe and clean during winter months

Case Study
Wormley Row

Washington, DC

A 125-year-old landmark school building turned luxury condominium complex features Uponor radiant floor heating