BAE Systems
Rochester, UK 

The Project

BAE systems are the third largest global defence company, delivering a range of products for the air, land and naval armed forces. The Rochester site is home to The Defence Avionic sector of the company which prides itself on being at the forefront of defence technology. It is currently undergoing a heating overhaul, replacing three large stream boilers with modern heating techniques. Completing the installation was Anglia Pipework who used Uponor Pre-insulated Pipe System in an above ground situation to distribute the heated water around the building with minimal temperature differentiation.

The Solution

Having used Uponor's domestic products for the best part of six years, Anglia Pipework used their knowledge of flexible plumbing techniques to install Uponor Thermo-Twin Pre-Insulated Pipe into the roof of building. The decision to use a lightweight plastic option over more traditional material was taken, because of the increased heath and safety pressure placed on the installation by a fully functioning workplace operating on the floor below. The renovation work was to decentralise the heating network from three stream powered boilers, breaking the heating structure down into two separate systems, using gas boilers as the main source of power.

Uponor Pre-Insulated Pipe is the proven name for the innovative, flexible, pre-insulated plastic piping system, able to transport a variety of liquids both inside and outside of buildings. Its material properties give long service life and as the pipes are low weight and highly flexible. They can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners. This eliminates any health and safety issues regarding lifting and transporting of heavy pipework throughout the site. In addition, pipe comes delivered to site in precut lengths meaning the number of joints needed is minimal.

We know that this isn't the traditional way of installing the pipe, but the flexibility of Uponor system allowed us to do exactly what we wanted to. Having used the Uponor pipework for domestic pipework for the last six years we explored into their other offerings for commercial applications and found the Pre-Insulated range ideal.

Project Highlights:

• Renovation project
• Industrial office building
• Pre-Insulated pipe systems

Project Data:

• Pre-Insulated pipe systems
• Ecoflex┬«
• Ecoflex┬« Thermal Twin