The Banks in Riverdale
Saskatoon SK

A Touch of Urban in a Historic Community

The Banks is made up of four new and contemporary dwellings—The Riverbend, The Edgewater, The Bridge, and The Current. The buildings are centrally located in the heart of historic Riversdale and adjacent to plush greenery and the South Saskatchewan River. Offering an urban feel to the oldest neighborhood in Saskatoon, the buildings offer comfort and community to both residential and commercial spaces.

As with many contractors, Airtron® Canada wanted to find the best materials for the project while capitalizing on cost savings, so they chose Uponor as their PEX plumbing system of choice. Switching from a rigid piping system to an Uponor plumbing system allowed the company to get the job done faster, not to mention save on material and labor costs. The project called for ½" to 2" Uponor AquaPEX® tubing.

Compared to copper or other metal pipe systems, the sheer volume of the Uponor product was significantly less and the material was lightweight, explained Jeremy Yanke, Saskatchewan Construction Manager at Airtron Canada. He estimated that using Uponor AquaPEX saved them 50 percent on labor costs due to the ease of installation. For example, a two-bedroom suite with two bathrooms was consistently finished in 60 to 105 minutes.

“The Uponor system is easier to train apprentices on assembly of the product,” said Yanke. “There’s no hot work, no open flame, no flux, no gas, no solder. It’s much easier to gather the tools required.”

The installer was impressed with the versatility of the product. He appreciated the variety of manifolds and fittings to choose from to accommodate any and all installations. Uponor goes above and beyond to be a true partner and resource for its customers.

“There’s a fast response by all Uponor reps to answer questions and concerns raised,” said Yanke. “They’re very knowledgeable on the product line and all complementary products. Support is just a phone call or email away.”

Project Highlights:

• Completed in May 2016
• Four buildings with residential and commercial spaces
• Contractor: Airtron Canada

Project Data:

• Uponor AquaPEX up to 2"
• Uponor PEX-a Pipe Supports
• Uponor Engineered Polymer (EP) Multiport Tees
• ProPEX® fittings and adapters