Villa Ersilia Hotel & Wellness Center
Soverato, Italy 

The Project

For a such a prestigious location Uponor installed Uponor Ecoflex Thermo Single. Modern solutions for local heat distribution need to meet the strictest requirements with regard to safety, reliability, robustness, and efficiency. Uponor offers pre-insulated pipe systems for heating and cooling supply networks. They can be used in different building types, among them hotel complexes, industrial facilities, and single family houses. Various media, such as heating, cooling, cold and hot potable water, foodstuffs, and even chemicals, can be transported. This pre-insulated pipe is used for transferring heating water outside buildings. It can be used, for example, in building a heat supply network from a local heating plant to the surrounding buildings. The pipes are available in single and twin versions.

The Solution

For more than two decades the Uponor pre-insulated pipe system, known in the markets under the former name Ecoflex, has not been in the direct spotlight but has been used in many underground applications. The pre-insulated pipe system with its comprehensive equipment is the secure pipe system for hot and cold water distribution. With more than 5.5 million meters produced Uponor has become the European market leader. In 1989 it started in Northern Europe. “At that time we produced the first pipe meters in Finland for the heating water distribution. From the beginning up to now we have set a high focus on quality and long-life cycle. Nobody from our company suspected at that time that this pipe system would have been so successful over decades”, reported Jukka Kallioinen, today Executive Vice President, Offering and Development at Uponor, about the beginning of the flexible, pre-insulated pipe system, which he accompanied during his entire professional ca-reer. After the first application years in Northern Europe the pipe system came to Central Europe in the beginning of the nineties. Marl (Ruhr), Germany was the first production site, and was established in 1993. The sales activities were escalated in all of Europe by the General Manager at that time, Mr. Jukka Kallioinen. Since 2001, the entire business unit has been situated in Ochtrup, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany for the central European and exporting activi-ties. For Northern Europe another production site is situated in Nas-tola, Finland.

Project Highlights:

• 50-square-meters
• Pre-Insulated pipe systems
• Renovation project
• Hotel/Resort building

Project Data:

• Uponor pre-insulated pipe
• Ecoflex®
•  50 meters of Uponor pre-insulated pipe systems