2010 GreenBuilder Vision House
Aspen CO

2010 Green Builder Vision House, Aspen, Colo.

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2010 GreenBuilder Vision House

In March 2010, GreenBuilder magazine opened the doors to their exclusive, luxury home on the outskirts of Aspen, Colo., to showcase how beautiful marrying green building technologies with modern décor can really be. The result was a 7,500-square-foot, LEED® Gold dream home complete with all the bells and whistles for sustainable living and design.

To offer the future homeowners the greatest comfort levels with the most efficient delivery, the home featured geothermal, solar panels, high-efficiency condensing boilers, radiant floor heating, snow melting, humidification, ventilation and forced-air heating and cooling.

Additional innovative green building features included photovoltaic panels, reclaimed beetle kill siding, reclaimed FSC oak flooring, locally quarried stone, low-voltage LED lighting, low-VOC paint, low-flow fixtures, low-E windows and doors and an Uponor D’MAND® Hot Water Delivery System for reduced water and energy waste.

Builder Gerry Hazelbaker of Paradigm Construction had a clear vision when it came to designing and constructing the home — reduced energy consumption. “The ability to manage energy use in this home is almost infinite,” he says.

Radiant/HVAC Control in One Package

“This house was on the cutting edge of sustainable design,” says Todd Chestnut, President of All Mountain Plumbing & Heating, Inc. of Glenwood Springs, “and we needed a way to easily manage all these different systems throughout the house, so they could talk to one another and be more efficient.”

The answer? Uponor Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System, which can control radiant floor heating, baseboard, domestic hot water (DHW), air handlers, ventilation and humidification all in one, efficient package.

“When it comes to alternative heat sources, cheapest is solar, then geothermal, then boilers. Because Network can connect all these systems, it can see which is the most efficient and effective method for heating and activate it,” says Jeff Wiedemann, product manager, Application Controls, and developer of the Network System.

With Network, the homeowners, or even the contractor (with the homeowners’ permission), can view the status of and make changes to the radiant and HVAC systems remotely. The user simply needs a computer and an internet connection to log on to the system and make changes for complete and total control. And for the ultimate in customer satisfaction, Network also offers an optional notification system.

“A service tech could conceivably know about a service issue — via cell phone or e-mail alert — before the occupants do,” Wiedemann remarks. “This, in turn, eliminates the inconvenience and hassle of having to make a separate service call.”

Project Highlights

• LEED® Gold home
• Located in Aspen, Colo.
• Features geothermal, solar, PV panels
• Uponor radiant, plumbing and controls

Project Data

• 7,500-square-foot home
• Uponor AquaPEX® for plumbing
• D’MAND® Hot Water Delivery System
• Wirsbo hePEX™ for radiant/snow melt
• TruFLOW™ Manifolds
• Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System