Arbor Crossing Apartments
Madison, WI 

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Certified Green and Amenities Galore

Amid the bustle of city life and conveniently located near the University of Wisconsin Hospital, Arbor Crossing Apartments offer a variety of floor plans and apartment sizes along with distinctive amenities such as a fitness center, outdoor terraces and in-floor radiant heating in each unit.

The general contractor was committed to building a certified green project, and with that, a radiant heating system from Uponor made a lot of sense. Cardinal Heating, located in Madison, was the heating contractor for the project with many years of experience installing radiant systems.

Keith Ouimette, manager at Cardinal Heating, oversaw the installation at the site. “We have been installing PEX and radiant heating systems for over 15 years, and we prefer Uponor’s PEX tubing as it is more flexible than other PEX I’ve worked with,” he said. “And when you add the Engineered Polymer (EP) fittings, I feel Uponor offers us a complete system.”

This was a large, but standard, installation with one boiler serving all 80 apartments. The boiler maintains the temperature in a buffer tank supplying the main hydronic lines that run in the first and third floors of the four-story building. Each apartment has separate ¾" PEX-a tubing that runs to the supply and return of the manifolds located within each unit. Each manifold has a zone valve that is controlled by the thermostat.

Ouimette praised Uponor’s support during the installation. “The training department is a wealth of information,” he said, “and the design books offer a lot of help on site during the installation itself. In addition, the technical guys are always willing to help if we have questions. I’ve come to rely on Uponor as a partner on every job.”

With the tools available during installation, Cardinal Heating was able to adjust for slight changes to the design in the field without having to get Uponor’s design department involved. This way, the project stayed on track and could meet the fierce deadlines required by project officials.

Uponor also provided the plumbing system, and H&H Plumbing from Madison was the installing contractor. Fairly new to PEX-a plumbing, this was only their second plumbing job using the flexible PEX tubing. The company, comprised of seasoned professionals, had long careers installing CPVC and copper prior to their conversion. Uponor’s training department assisted with the installation, and once trained, the installers were amazed at how quickly they could run the system.

Bill Panfil from the rep firm Midwest Sales and Marketing, helped H&H installers with training and development, and was on site during the installation. “It was fun to see how quickly they learned the system,” Panfil said. “Once trained, they were amazed at the significant reduction in installation and labor time compared to past products used.”

In fact, H&H installed tubing on two floors in half a day using a fraction of the fittings they were used to, according to Panfil. And the proven combination of Uponor AquaPEX® tubing and ProPEX® EP Multi-port Tees provided the most efficient plumbing installation requiring fewer feet of tubing, fittings and connections than a traditional rigid copper or CPVC system.

When residents take occupancy, they will enjoy city amenities along with facilities that boast the comfort of Uponor’s radiant heating and plumbing systems.

Project Highlights:

• Four-story structure featuring 80 apartment homes Certified Green Built
• In-floor Radiant Heating System from Uponor
• Plumbing System from Uponor

Project Features:

• Plumbing System: 22,517 feet of Uponor AquaPEX® tubing
• Engineered polymer (EP) fittings and multi-port tees
• ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall Support System
• Heating System: 75,000 feet of ½" and 10,000 feet of ¾" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing
• TruFLOW™ Manifolds