Palliser Furniture
Winnipeg MA

Palliser Furniture

With manufacturing facilities, showrooms, distribution centers and offices located throughout North America, Palliser Furniture supplies consumers with a full line of home furnishings. In the early 1990s, the company's corporate headquarters, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, had grown to an impressive 42 acres to accommodate all their operational needs.

In 1993, the company planned a 700,000-square-foot factory development. Palliser retained design-builder Concord Projects Ltd. to facilitate the expansion project. Experienced in hydronic heating, Concord easily matched Palliser’s construction requirements with the benefits of radiant floor heating. The expansion incorporated two developments — the Dimension plant expansion and the Delta building project. Concord recommended both plans go with Uponor radiant floor heating to heat the massive spaces.

Impressive System, Impressive Service

“We were very impressed with the benefits of radiant floor heating,” says Palliser Furniture property manager, Dave Redekop. “In fact, when it came time to decide upon a heating method for our Delta building, there was no doubt which product we would use — hands down, it was Uponor.”

Palliser required the facility to accommodate heavy floor-mounted manufacturing equipment. To prevent potential penetration of the heating loops during the equipment installation, Uponor’s Wirsbo hePEX™ was installed below the slab. However, the close proximity of the natural water table to the slab added a slight complication to the project.

“In order to provide sufficient heat to the work space, we needed to make special accommodations in the layout and placement of the tubing and vapor barrier,” says John Loewen of Loewen Mechanical. “The engineering staff at Uponor Canada assisted greatly in modifying standard design practices to ensure an efficient, cost-effective heating system. They went above and beyond the call when it came to technical support and customer service.”

Project Highlights

• 700,000-square-foot factory expansion
• Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba
• Conducted radiant energy-efficiency analysis
• Found that radiant system cost 55% less to heat

Project Data

• 104,000 square feet
• Metal frame building
• Reinforced concrete slab
• 68,000 feet of 5/8" Wirsbo hePEX™
• 216 loops, 315 feet average length
• 24" on-center spacing
• 29 manifolds
• System flow 208 gpm