Henri Studio
Wauconda IL

Henri Studio, Wauconda, Ill.

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Henri Studio

When Dennis Prosperi, one of the owners of Henri Studio in Wauconda, Ill., needed an efficient and effective heating method for his 50,000-square-foot distribution center, he decided to go with Uponor radiant floor heating because it offered him the kind of consistent comfort and heat recovery a forced-air system could not provide. “A forced-air system makes no sense in a warehouse with 30-foot high ceilings and numerous windows,” says Prosperi. “You can’t beat the rapid heat recovery in the shipping area where doors open and close constantly.”

Radiant Offers Safety and Savings

Safety was also an important consideration for Prosperi, so he decided to install an Uponor snow and ice melting system at the front entrance of the facility as well. The system provided Prosperi peace of mind for his customers and employees and also required less maintenance.

But, the cost efficiency was the biggest benefit by far. After one year with the radiant floor heating and snow and ice melting systems installed, energy savings totaled $18,939. “Choosing an Uponor radiant heating system was the best decision,” he says. “I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Project Highlights

• Statuary studio in Wauconda, Ill.
• Features Uponor radiant heating in building
• Uponor snow melting in walkways
• First year energy savings of $18,939

Project Data

• 50,000 square feet
• ⅝" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing
• 50 loops, 500 feet average length
• Tubing spacing 12" to 24" on center
• 8 manifolds