Shell Aero Centre
Calgary AB

Shell Aero Centre

With the unpredictability of the weather in the Canadian Rockies, Bill Roberts of Petrin Mechanical in Calgary, Alberta, faced a major challenge when seeking an energy-efficient system that would provide warmth in a unique setting: the three airplane hangars and office area at Shell Aero Centre.

“I needed a system that would not only take into account the massive heat loss of the structure, but also provide rapid heat recovery from the opening and closing of the hangar doors,” says Roberts. “Additionally, I needed to keep labor costs and component sizing reasonable.”

Radiant Best for the Job

Original specifications called for large infrared heaters in the hangars, but concerns over heat loss and heat-recovery time eliminated them as an option. When Uponor representatives proposed radiant floor heating, Roberts admits he was skeptical at first. But Uponor's quick response and technical expertise sold him on the system.

“The Uponor system offered evenly distributed heat at floor level where personnel work — not in the rafters,” he says. “The system also cut the time for warming the planes by providing the rapid heat recovery and consequent energy savings that was required.”

And because the Uponor system had no noisy fans blowing air, dust and allergens, it yielded a healthier work environment for employees. The end result was a clean, comfortable and dry working space that helped boost comfort and productivity.

Project Highlights

• Airplane hangar in Calgary, Alberta
• Features Uponor radiant heating
• Radiant provided rapid heat recovery
• Consistent comfort for workers

Project Data

• 58,000-square-foot airplane hangars
• 40,250-square-foot office area
• 1" Wirsbo hePEX™ for hangars
• 5/8" Wirsbo hePEX for offices