Normand Maurice Building
Montreal, QC 

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Public Works Governmental Services Canada – the Normand Maurice Building

With an emphasis on sustainable building practices, Public Works Governmental Services Canada (PWGSC) required solutions adhering to LEED® Gold certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s ratings based on green design and construction. From architect to engineer to contractor, the direction was clear: build a state-of-the-art structure that features innovative sustainable solutions that provide energy savings without compromising the comfort and aesthetics of the building.

Located in Montreal’s historic St. Henri district, the 112,000-square-foot site of the Normand Maurice building already contained storage facilities that government agencies had been using for the previous 15 years. Prior to that, the complex of buildings, constructed between 1851 and 1950 and originally a munitions foundry, required the PWGSC and the design team to undertake remediation of the site, which included carting away several feet of soil.

Site environmental remediation and the reuse of building components combined to form a facility that sits comfortably alongside the old industrial buildings and apartment conversions of St. Henri. Measuring a full city block in length, the main axis of the Normand Maurice Building runs from northwest to southeast. The steel-frame structure comprises a brick base that almost covers the building lot from sidewalk to sidewalk with a separate building that sits close to the northeast edge, and reaches an additional three stories higher.

Uponor provided the radiant heating and cooling system to the Normand Maurice building, reducing energy consumption while providing optimal efficiency and comfort. In fact, the building consumes 54 percent less energy than code, exceeding expectations by almost 10 percent. The radiant heating component takes advantage of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors for heating a commercial structure. In radiant heating, energy moves away from the heated surface, surrounding people with warmth. And Uponor’s radiant systems offer the ability to work with existing HVAC systems to conserve energy during peak operating hours.

Uponor’s radiant cooling system is a quiet and energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning in commercial buildings. A passive system, it uses off-peak electric power at night, reducing the need for energy-intensive HVAC air conditioning during the day and providing the opportunity for downsized chillers and the elimination of individual air conditioning units.

During the winter months, a snow melt system from Uponor provides safe sidewalks and passage ways for the outside of the building. Durable Uponor PEX-a tubing buried in the concrete circulates a warm water-glycol solution to heat the surface and melt ice and snow, eliminating the need for shoveling, salting and sanding. And it offers safety and convenience to the hundreds of workers using the Normand Maurice building every day.

Project Highlights

• Square feet: 169,000
• Cost: $29.7 million
• Architects: Busby Perkins+Will, Beauchamp et Bourbeau Canada, ABCP Architecture & Urbanisme
• Engineers: Pageau Morel et Associes
• Plumbing Contractor: Plomberie Charbonneau

Project Data

• Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling System
• Wirsbo hePEX™ Tubing
• Uponor Snow and Ice Melting System
• Multi-layer Composite (MLC) Tubing