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Retiring a copper plumbing system to repipe with Uponor PEX

The Boulton River Heights Retirement Community is a four-story, 94-unit complex located in Winnipeg, Man. With multiple dining rooms, sun rooms, a salon and plenty of recreation spaces, The Boulton is a place many retirees call home. That’s why it was important to cause minimal disruption to the tenants when it came time to repipe the aging copper plumbing system. The team chose to upgrade the building’s plumbing system with an Uponor AquaPEX® system in pipe sizes up to 3".

The areas that were in desperate need of repiping were the copper mains and riser lines. “The copper pipes had deteriorated over time — mostly due to the improper pipe sleeving through concrete floors, allowing corrosion to occur,” explained Larry Stefanec with Parsons Plumbing & Heating.

Although Uponor PEX was not originally specified for the building, the plumbing contractor, Parsons Plumbing and Heating, met with the project teams to encourage a PEX repipe. “We explained the benefits and advantages of using Uponor PEX including warranty, durability, resistance to corrosion and better flow rates,” said Stefanec.

The plumbing contractor attributed the flexibility of the PEX pipe to the efficiency of the installation. The time savings resulted in reduced costs for the building owner. “After the project was completed, we were proud to say we brought the job in on schedule and under budget,” said Stefanec. “This had to do with the significant gains of using Uponor on this job.”

Project Highlights:

• Failing copper plumbing repiped with Uponor AquaPEX
• Contractor: Parsons Plumbing & Heating
• Engineer: J.D. Stasynek Engineering
• 100,000-square-foot facility
• 27,000 ft. of Uponor AquaPEX tubing

Benefits of repiping with Uponor PEX:

• Pipe's flexibility minimizes impact on existing structure, allowing smaller holes in walls and faster repair times for residents
• Uponor PEX won't pit, scale or corrode and is highly resistant to freeze damage
• Uponor system backed by a 25-year transferable warranty for confidence the system is designed to last