Manitoba Residence
Headingley MB

Freezing temperatures are no match for Uponor PEX

A brand new home in Headingley, Manitoba — a suburb of Winnipeg — is an immaculate 8,000-square-foot (745-square-meter) house located in one of the most severe climates in the world. With temperatures dropping to -40°F (-40°C), the homeowner decided on a Wirsbo hePEX™ radiant heating system to evenly distribute heat throughout the home along with an Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing system to withstand the freezing temperatures.

Uponor PEX was recommended to Edward Ugrin, the homeowner and mechanical engineer, by his engineering colleagues. Ugrin ultimately chose Uponor because of the pipe’s reliability and freeze-resistance. The PEX installation took a week and was installed by no more than four professionals at any given time.

With such a large and unique space, the PEX installation came with a couple challenges. With help from Uponor Design Services, Ugrin was able to optimize the installation, especially the location of the manifold sets and the 34 required loops.

“Five Uponor manifold sets were required — four for the home and one for the garage,” said Ugrin. “I was fortunate I was able to work directly with Uponor’s design team face-to-face in Regina, Saskatchewan. We were able to determine the most optimal location in the home for energy efficiency and servicing accessibility.”

The Ugrin home is located in an area with only about 200 hours of required cooling, so a functional heating system is non-negotiable in harsh weather.

“Forced-air systems have cold spots, poorer air quality and inconsistent distribution,” explained Ugrin. “An even-heat distribution with an Uponor radiant heating system will be a welcomed change.”

Not only will the home be heated comfortably with radiant floors, but the PEX plumbing system can endure the winter as well. Because Uponor PEX can expand up to three times the pipe’s diameter before returning to its original shape, it’s highly resistant to damage from frozen water in the system.

“The access I had to Uponor Design Services and the installers at Lemazing Mechanical was critical to my own level of confidence on this project,” said Ugrin. “Working with Uponor was very easy, communicative and their feedback was prompt and professional.”

Project Highlights:

• 8,000-square-foot (745-square-meter) home
• Uponor plumbing and radiant heating systems
• Mechanical contractor: Lemazing Mechanical

Project data:

• 7,000 lineal feet of PEX pipe for Uponor AquaPEX plumbing and Wirsbo hePEX radiant heating systems