Hutterite Colony
Winnipeg MB

Hutterite Colony

The Blumengart Hutterite Colony, located about 100 miles south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, needed an advanced system to distribute water from a central heat plant to their livestock barns. They wanted a system that was easy to install and would effectively retain heat, remain watertight and stand up to harsh direct-burial environments.

Uponor’s Ecoflex® pre-insulated pipe was their solution. Ecoflex features durable Uponor PEX tubing protected by multi-layer insulation and a waterproof corrugated jacket. The Blumengart colony was confident in handling the installation with some assistance from an Uponor sales agent and wholesale representative. Sam Tschetteer, colony electrician and plumber, was impressed with how the product was moved and installed.

Ecoflex is the Answer

Ecoflex is lightweight, rolls out easily, and features a tight bend radius to meet even the most compact areas. Far simpler to install than traditional rigid pipe, it can be easily routed around onsite obstacles.

“The nice thing is, you don’t have any elbows or joints to add with changing direction on your main lines,” says Tschetteer. “Just curve your trenches, add your base, slide the pre-insulated pipe down and make the connections.”

To speed the installation process, they used an Uponor tube uncoiler. The installers tied the uncoiler to the back of a half-ton truck to easily and effortlessly uncoil the pipe beside a five-foot trench. A bulldozer gently pushed the pipe over the edge then covered it with back fill. “All we did was trench and lay pipe,” says Tschetteer. “It was that simple. Two days and everything was buried.”

Project Highlights

• Blumengart Hutterite Colony in Manitoba
• 4,600 feet of Ecoflex® for hot-water distribution
• Ecoflex provided durability and ease of installation
• Pipe was installed in just two days

Project Data

• Wood-frame commercial buildings
• Outside Design Temp.: -22°F (-30°C)
• Room Setpoint Temp.: 70 to 85°F (21 to 29°C)
• 7.2 MBTU coil boiler, 80% efficiency
• 4,000 feet of 4" Ecoflex® Single
• 600 feet of 2" Ecoflex Twin
• Average Bury Depth: 5 feet
• System Flow: 350 gpm with one of two pumps