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Why is PEX Better Than Rigid Pipe?

Because of its flexibility, Uponor PEX can bend with each change in direction, which means fewer connections and reduced potential leak-point liability. The flexibility of PEX also enables it to expand up to three times the piping’s diameter, making it more freeze-damage resistant.


With an Uponor PEX plumbing system that features ProPEX® expansion fittings, dry fitting is never a concern. That’s because an expansion fitting can’t be dry fit. The PEX piping and ProPEX expansion ring must first be expanded before the larger-diameter fitting is inserted. As the PEX shrinks back around the fitting, it creates a strong, durable connection that holds tight with 1,000 pounds of radial force.


PEX is also highly corrosion resistant, so it doesn’t have the issue of pinhole leaks or corrosion build up like copper. And PEX is also safer than copper. A study done by Rochester Medical Center published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported a connection between copper and Alzheimer’s disease.


To learn more about the benefits of PEX over rigid piping systems, check out our PEX vs. Copper Fact Sheet and our PEX vs. CPVC Fact Sheet.