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Permafrost Prevention - PEX Tubing

Soil that freezes due to continued exposure to sub-freezing temperatures is called permafrost. The frozen soil results in expansion that can destroy the concrete floors in a freezer plant. Permafrost prevention represents another creative problem-solving use for Uponor PEX tubing and radiant heating technology.

Combining a radiant heating system with thick layers of insulation, the system contains frigid temperatures inside the freezer structure while maintaining a continuous soil temperature to ensure a stable and reliable surface for the building’s foundation. You can even capture waste heat from freezer machinery for a cost-effective and environmentally sound power source.

  • Protects foundations against freezing damage, stress fractures, heaving and cracking
  • Preserves the structural integrity of a building
  • Ensures the safety of occupants and prevents costly foundation repairs
  • Promotes durability and long life in sub-floors, even in severe climates 


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