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Snow and Ice Melting System - PEX Tubing

In an Uponor Snow and Ice Melting System, PEX tubing buried in concrete, asphalt or sand circulates a warm water/glycol solution to heat the surface and melt ice and snow, eliminating the costs and hassle of salting, sanding, plowing and shoveling.

  • Can be paired with alternative energy sources such as solar, geothermal and waste heat to operate nearly cost-free
  • Helps comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and reduces liability
  • Extends the life of paved surfaces
  • Conserves gas and prevents pollution by eliminating the need for snow blowers and plows
  • Keeps interior floors cleaner by eliminating snow and ice that gets tracked inside
  • Takes advantage of alternative heat sources such as biomass, geothermal or waste heat from within a structure for virtually cost-free operation 


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Snow and Ice Melting Applications using PEX Tubing