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Turf Conditioning with PEX Tubing

Uponor was the first to use PEX tubing for hydronic turf conditioning systems to help preserve natural turf year-round. These systems are now used by the National Football League (NFL) and in numerous soccer and other athletic stadiums in Europe, Canada and the United States.

An Uponor Turf Conditioning system uses PEX tubing installed in the soil beneath the turf to maintain an optimum soil temperature for the root bulb of grass plants. This promotes growth, faster recovery, a longer playing season and superior field conditions, which, in turn, protects athletes from serious injury in all climates and seasons.

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Toyota Park- Bridgeview, IL

“The field is warm and moist enough that it can actually grow grass in December or even January. The freezing point for the glycol mixture is minus-25 degrees, so the system can be filled with fluid year-round, without the hassle and expense of draining and re-filling it prior to each season.”

- Chris Bennett
Senior Vice President
Althoff Industries