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A BIM deisgn photo example with uponor PEX

Uponor Construction Services

A team of experts to help you build better structures

The polymer piping design experts 

Uponor Construction Services is a professional team of estimators, engineers, designers, modelers, BIM content managers and polymer piping experts that provide estimation and design expertise for domestic water, fire sprinkler, hydronic distribution, radiant heating and cooling, snow and ice melting, turf conditioning and permafrost prevention systems.

design offering

Service offerings

Estimation Services

  • Material take offs

Design Engineering Support

  • Square-foot budget estimations
  • Piping material cost comparisons
  • Design development
  • Loop layouts
  • Pipe sizing and load recommendations
  • System design plansets in PDF, Revit® and fabrication models

BIM Support

  • Modeling and coordination
  • Laser scanning
  • Customized training for your staff
  • Support services
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Two construction workers onsite during a factory training

Increase efficiencies and reduce labor concerns with BIM

Uponor BIM Services help you identify issues early to minimize changes during construction and adds capacity to your team without the hassle or expense of recruiting and maintaining staff. Connect with our team to move your projects forward.
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A 3D model created with Uponor BIM

Learn more about the services offered

Our team is ready to help you understand how our services can move your projects forward. 
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Improving performance with accuracy and efficiency

BIM content

The right data in the right formats to help you design, engineer, model, spool, kit, fabricate and install successfully

Superior support

Pipe sizing, velocity, friction loss and heat loss online calculators and design assistance manuals to create efficient, high-quality designs

Industry expertise

Industry standards experts for polymer piping systems to ensure accurate bidding, engineering, modeling and installation

Maximum efficiency

An extension of your offering that integrates seamlessly into your software platforms and project workflows

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