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Uponor pipe sizing calculator

Quick, accurate sizing for PEX piping systems

Get accurate pipe sizing for your project

When it comes to sizing PEX pipe, it’s important to get it right. We have the tools you need to get the necessary calculations for an efficient design.

Our pipe sizing calculator makes it easy for you to simply enter your system information and receive a report custom-made for your project.

supported applications

Receive a detailed project report for each system

Use the different tabs to generate a report for the following system applications: 

  • Plumbing
  • Hydronic
  • Radiant
  • Pipe heat loss
Access the calculator
Businessman/ Engineer  looking over an Uponor pipe sizing report

Additional design resources at your fingertips

Whether you need specifications, submittals, BIM/CAD content or design assistance manuals, we have the resources you need to specify and design efficient, effective PEX plumbing, hydronic hot-water heating, chilled-water cooling or radiant heating and cooling systems.