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Market solutions

Healthcare buildings gain advantages with Uponor

For the highest standards in hygiene, efficiency and performance


Why Uponor is the best choice for healthcare

  • Maximum hygiene potential
  • Ultimate human thermal comfort
  • Efficient water and energy distribution
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Uponor PEX-a installation image in Healthcare facility
Building types

Build with confidence

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics/urgent care
  • Medical offices
  • Assisted living/skilled nursing/hospice
  • Rehabilitation/long-term care
Uponor PEX-a installation image in Healthcare facility

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Our team is ready to help you move your healthcare projects forward and assist you every step of the way.
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Complete polymer solutions for your healthcare building

Building water distribution

Distributing reliable, consistent water flow throughout the building through large-diameter riser and main piping

In-room plumbing

Featuring Uponor Logic to ensure the most efficient delivery of water with the fewest connections for the greatest performance

Hydronic hot-water heating and chilled-water cooling

Leveraging the efficiency of water that can transport energy 3,500 times greater than air for the ultimate in energy-efficient heating and cooling

Radiant heating and cooling

Maximizing building climate control with superior efficiency and indoor environmental quality (IEQ)

Snow and ice melting

Eliminating the hassles of salting and shoveling while protecting staff, patients and visitors from slips and falls and meeting ADA requirements for safe and easy access

Underground pre-insulated energy transport

Providing a flexible, durable, sustainable solution with Ecoflex® pre-insulated underground piping


External image of Episcopal Homes Senior Living in Burnsville, Minnesota; features Uponor PEX piping applications.
Episcopal Homes senior complex
Using Uponor PEX for the plumbing and mechanical mains, risers and in-unit piping prove beneficial for this seven-story senior complex expansion.
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The Homestead in Rochester Minnesota features Uponor piping systems.
Homestead at Rochester senior complex
A senior complex switches to PEX plumbing and hydronic piping for its expansion project to leverage greater cost savings and long-term system performance.
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Uponor's Wirsbo hePEX featured at UCLA Wasserman Eye Research Clinic.
UCLA Wasserman Eye Research Center
This LEED® Silver eye research center features greater indoor environmental quality (IEQ) with an Uponor radiant heating and cooling system.
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