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PEX hydronic heating and cooling systems

Smarter, more efficient hydronics design with Uponor

Maximum building performance with hydronic heating and cooling

With smart building design at the forefront of the commercial landscape, the best resources and tools in the industry ensure success.

Uponor offers everything you need, from accurate estimations and designs to online pipe-sizing resources to technical and field support to streamline each phase of your project.

Flexible, durable Uponor pex

Why PEX for hydronic piping applications

Still piping with copper, steel and black-iron pipe for hydronic heating and cooling systems? 

Hear why Uponor PEX piping is a stronger, more effective product for these applications.

Design with confidence

Uponor is the most tested and third-party listed PEX in the industry.
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Learn how hydronics can contribute to decarbonization efforts

Decarbonization is coming. The goal to create a CO2-free global economy has a strong connection with how we design and build our structures. As stewards of the built environment, we have a responsibility to seek every method for optimal efficiencies, both in the short term and the long term. 
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Hydronic piping installation with PEX | Uponor

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