Uponor commercial plumbing installation photo in Avalon bay apartments, Washington
Piping solutions

PEX risers and mains

Greater productivity and stronger performance

Uponor PEX continues to impress for risers and main piping

More than a decade ago, Uponor advanced the commercial construction industry with a PEX solution for in-suite piping that provided faster, easier installs with greater system durability and performance.

Now, with sizes up to 3", Uponor is providing the same quality and reliability with PEX risers and main piping, offering a complete system solution all backed by a 25-year transferable limited warranty.


Delivering intelligent solutions engineered to save time

Uponor has perfected the art of providing systems that exceed expectations and deliver consistent quality for decades of use.

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Renovation repipe

Watch how Uponor PEX made a difference in this historic hotel renovation

  • 117,448-square-foot historic hotel originally built in 1927
  • 15,000 feet of Uponor AquaPEX┬« for the repipe
  • Pipe sizes up to 3" for the risers, mains and in-suite plumbing

Why PEX for risers and main piping?

  • Approved for plenum applications
  • 25-year transferable limited warranty
  • PEX-a Pipe Support extends hanger spacing to 8 ft.
  • Resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup
  • Visual ProPEX® connections can’t be dry fit
  • Connections get stronger over time
  • Eliminates hot work from the job site
  • Uses copper tube size (CTS) hangers and supports
  • Reduces water treatment in hydronics
  • Stronger resilience in freeze-thaw cycles
Uponor PEX riser and main piping commercial application

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