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Uponor Ecoflex in coil packaging
Commercial solutions

Ecoflex® pre-insulated piping systems 

 An efficient, sustainable solution for underground or aboveground hydronic hot-water heating, chilled-water cooling or domestic-water applications

What is Ecoflex? 

Ecoflex is a pre-insulated piping system with single or twin Uponor PEX-a service pipes at its core in sizes up to 4". The PEX pipes are surrounded by multi-layer, PEX-foam insulation and covered by a corrugated, watertight, HDPE jacket for the ultimate in energy-efficiency and protection.

Best pre-insulated piping solution

Ecoflex benefits over other plastic pre-insulated pipes

  • High-quality PEX-foam insulation protects against heat loss 
  • Multi-layer foam not bonded to the pipe (more flexible, easier to make connections) 
  • Tightest bend radius to eliminate unnecessary connections 
  • Custom cut-to-length service 
  • Pipe uncoilers available for easy installation into a trench 
  • ProPEX® expansion fitting system available up to 3" 
  • WIPEX™ compression fitting system available up to 4" 
  • In-house and on-site support team 
Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe installation image
Greater installation efficiencies

Ecoflex benefits over rigid pre-insulated pipes

  • Lightweight for easier job site transport 
  • Corrosion resistant for decades of reliable service 
  • Flexible, long coil lengths to eliminate most underground joints 
  • No welding or soldering 
  • No expansion loops or concrete anchors 
  • No need for straight or level trenches 
  • No two-step process of insulation after pipe installation
Uponor Ecoflex rendering in a trench

See how Ecoflex solves a complex retrofit job

An Austin apartment building uses the ease and flexibility of Ecoflex for its hydronic heating, chilled-water cooling and potable hot-water retrofit project.  
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