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Ecoflex thermal twin

Ecoflex thermal twin pipes are designed for fluid transfer in heating and cooling applications. The Wirsbo hePEX service pipes in Ecoflex thermal twin piping are manufactured by the Engel-method (PEX-a) process and are listed to ASTM F876 and F877. An oxygen-diffusion barrier extruded onto the service pipe dramatically reduces the amount of oxygen molecules that can migrate through the tubing wall. This oxygen-diffusion barrier protects ferrous components within the fluid pathway from corrosion. The pipe is surrounded by multi-layer, closed-cell, PEX-foam insulation and a water-resistant, corrugated HDPE jacket, making it ideal for direct-burial applications. Note: Use ProPEX fittings up to 3" or WIPEX fittings for the whole range. Manufacturing standards: ASTM F876, ASTM F877, CSA B137.5 Product listings: cNSFus-rfh, cNSFus-pw, PEX 5106

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