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Residential solutions

Solutions you can count on

  • Plumbing

    Uponor PEX plumbing systems for the home


    With more than 40 years of service and 17 billion feet of pipe installed worldwide, Uponor PEX is a trusted solution for new-home construction. In fact, more homebuilders and contractors install PEX for plumbing than copper and CPVC combined.


    Uponor PEX-a is superior to PEX-b, CPVC and copper pipe


    PEX pipe fitting connection

    Uponor PEX-a

    PEX-b fitting type connections

    PEX-b (insert)

    CPVC pipe connection


    Copper pipe connection


    Flexible for fewer fittings Checkmark
    X mark

    No flame or cement

    Can't be dry fit

    Kink reparability

    Connections get stronger over time 

    Why is Uponor PEX-a better than PEX-b pipe?

    Extruded vs. molded rings

    When comparing the Uponor PEX-a plumbing system with PEX-b and F1960 systems, it is important to look at the expansion rings. Uponor ProPEX expansion rings are extruded for maximum strength and capitalize on the shape memory of PEX-a to ensure a secure connection. Molded PEX-b rings eliminate the benefits of strength and shape memory for a connection that could be compromised.

    Sealing time test

    The Uponor ProPEX connection method underwent third-party pressure testing on the joint as assembled at different environmental conditions. The results offered assurance to the fastest and most durable sealing times, proving the Uponor system offers the best connection method for ASTM F1960 fitting systems.

    Gold Seal certification

    Uponor PEX-a pipe, ProPEX rings and expansion fittings are certified to Water Quality Association (WQA) ORD 1502 protocols for freeze and thaw resistance. This ensures the system will remain strong and intact, even in the harshest winter conditions.

    ASTM F1960 compliance

    Uponor’s PEX-reinforcing rings and cold-expansion fittings are tested and certified to ASTM F1960. It is unknown whether all PEX-b manufacturers have been tested and listed to this industry standard for quality.

    Fitting offering

    Uponor provides the most comprehensive offering of ASTM F1960 fittings in lead-free (LF) brass and engineered polymer (EP) for a holistic system from pipe to rings to fittings. Additionally, Uponor’s EP fittings are proudly made in America, while others’ fittings are manufactured in China.

    Stress-crack corrosion resistance

    Stress-crack corrosion is the growth of a micro-crack that can lead to unexpected sudden failure of a piping system. Due to its higher and more uniform crosslinking manufacturing method, Uponor PEX-a pipe offers greater resistance to stress-crack corrosion compared to PEX-b pipe for a stronger, more durable piping system.

    Save on costs and labor with Logic plumbing

    Uponor Logic plumbing provides a better way to install a residential PEX plumbing system.
    Learn more about Logic
    Safety and sustainability

    A safe plumbing system

    A study done by the Rochester Medical Center published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported a connection between copper and Alzheimer’s disease. With Uponor PEX meeting the NSF International certification for water purity, there is no question about the safety of the system. 

    Lower carbon footprint

    A 2008 Life Cycle Inventory of the Production of Plastic Pipes for use in Three Piping Applications showed PEX requires less energy to produce and has an overall lower carbon footprint compared to copper.

    Source: Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (

  • Radiant Heating

    Uponor radiant floor heating systems


    Uponor, formerly Wirsbo, was the first to bring PEX radiant floor heating to North America. Uponor radiant floor heating systems are an energy-efficient solution to home comfort that helps improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ). With radiant floor heating systems, warmth radiates to warm people and objects, providing the purest form of human thermal comfort from room to room. 

    Energy efficient

    Radiant vs. forced air

    Water in a radiant heating system has the capacity to transport energy 3,500 times greater than air, using less energy than a forced-air system. The benefits include greater comfort at a lower thermostat setting and lower energy bills.

    In fact, more people are comfortable with radiant floor heating at a lower thermostat setting than with forced-air heating at a higher thermostat setting.

    Uponor radiant vs forced air

    Designed with energy efficiency in mind

    Radiant floor heating systems are designed in zones, so homeowners can set unique temperatures in each room for greater system efficiencies.
    Learn more about radiant floor heating
    How it works

    Innovative solution for exceptional comfort

    In radiant floor heating systems, warm water flows through flexible PEX pipes that can work under any type of floor covering. The pipes connect to a heat source, such as a boiler or hot-water heater, and pumps, manifolds and controls round out the system.
    A rendering of how residential Quick Trak radiant heating system is installed under tile
    Software download

    Uponor LoopCAD® radiant design software

    Design professional-quality radiant systems with Uponor’s design methods and materials already loaded into the full version of LoopCAD. Best of all, Uponor offers 20% off when you purchase a full subscription.

    Learn more about LoopCAD
    Uponor LoopCAD 3D model example
  • Fire safety

    Uponor AquaSAFE™ residential fire sprinkler systems


    Uponor AquaSAFE residential fire sprinkler systems are a life-saving upgrade to any home. Available as a multipurpose combined plumbing and fire sprinkler system or a standalone system, AquaSAFE uses the same flexible PEX piping and ProPEX® fittings that plumbers have relied on for decades.


    Uponor PEX vs. CPVC sprinkler systems



     No flames 
     or chemicals 

     No dry fitting 
     ICC-ES PMG listing 
     for safety and quality 
     Uponor PEX-a 
     multipurpose solution

    Plumbing contractors turn to PEX for another reason 

    Multipurpose fire sprinkler systems are a cost-effective solution that:
    • Connects with cold-water plumbing systems
    • Ensures fresh water is always available
    • Guards against unintentional shut-offs
    • Eliminates homeowner maintenance
    • Installs easily
    A large residential home exterior in the evening with soft interior lighting
    Standalone Option

    The use of PEX piping in residential fire sprinkler systems is growing

    Benefits of Uponor PEX as a standalone solution for fire sprinkler systems:
    • Leverages constant water flow
    • Offers home protection when plumbing system is shut off
    • Uses 70% fewer connections vs. rigid piping systems
    • Ideal for use with Phyn Plus whole home smart leak detection system
    Uponor AquaSAFE fire sprinker installation in a residential home

    Get trained to install AquaSAFE

    In most states, a licensed plumbing contractor can install a multipurpose AquaSAFE system. Uponor offers online and job site training for professional installers.
    Register for AquaSAFE training
  • Water service

    ProPEX® water service 


    Connect Uponor PEX directly to water service meters with the durable, reliable ProPEX® connection method builders and installers trust. 

    Reliable plumbing system

    A water service system you can count on 


    Uponor AquaPEX® blue pipe up to 1" and Uponor AquaPEX white pipe up to 2":  

    • Meet International Plumbing Code (IPC) requirements
    • Hold the highest chlorine resistance rating per ASTM F2023
    • Achieve the Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal certification for the greatest durability in freeze/thaw cycles
    A large new construction residential home exterior in the summer
    Benefits of Uponor water service

    Benefits of an Uponor ProPEX water service system

    • Uniform crosslinking
    • Highest degree of crosslinking
    • No micro-cracking
    • Strong, durable ProPEX fittings 
    • Reliable, solid connections  
    A modern kitchen sink with the water running over a bowl of asparagus

    High performance solutions

    Bring the greatest efficiencies and performance to your home plumbing systems with Uponor water service and Uponor Logic plumbing.
    Learn about Uponor Logic
  • Smart water

    Smart water systems


    The Phyn Plus smart water assistant + shutoff offers complete control of a home’s plumbing system and water usage. 

    Key product features

    Freeze and leak alerts

    Real-time mobile notifications alert to potential freezing and leaking so homeowners can address the issue or even shut off the water system remotely, if necessary.

    Automatic shutoff

    In the event of a catastrophic leak, Phyn Plus can turn off the water automatically to help mitigate water waste and property damage.

    Amazon Alexa and Google Home

    Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrations add to the smart home solution, providing homeowners with water consumption updates and voice command water shutoff.

    Water Use Plus app

    Owners can receive unprecedented insights about water consumption by fixture type (showers, sinks, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, irrigation, etc.) via the Water Use Plus app.

    Intelligent conservation

    With artificial intelligence, Phyn Plus learns a home’s unique water usage and alerts owners about water waste and inefficiencies.

    Quick installation

    In less than 60 minutes, any home can have the most advanced technology for water monitoring available.