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IEQ webinar series

The Role of Indoor Environmental Quality, Thermal Energy and Building Science in Architecture

IEQ webinar series


Uponor North America is proud to host a five-part webinar series to help you better understand integrated design based on human factors. At the end of this series, you will be able to you will be able to explain why conservation of energy and efficiency should not be the prime focus but rather a product of achieving the desired indoor environment.

For the optimum learning experience, we recommend watching each session in order as the content builds from each previous video

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Ongoing  FREE 5 hrs

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Key learnings

  • Part I: An introduction to IEQ and the Built Environment
  • Part II: Indoor Air Quality
  • Part III: Indoor Thermal Quality
  • Part IV: Indoor Thermal Quality
  • Part V: Architecture and Energy

About the presenter

Robert Bean is the director of and founder of Indoor Climate Consultants Inc.  He is a retired engineering technology professional (ASET and APEGA) who specialized in the design of indoor environments and high-performance building systems. Bean is a third term ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, recipient of the Lou Flagg Award, Distinguished Service Award, and instructor for the ASHRAE Learning Institute. He has authored many papers, articles, and course curriculums and serves on numerous technical committees related to indoor environmental quality, building, and energy systems. His motto is, "Design for people, good buildings follow."

Robert Bean
Robert Bean Industry expert