Did you know that it is possible to think differently about a potable water plumbing system, but then, why would you?


It certainly isn't glamorous; and it's not something you can typically see when the walls are sealed up. It is, however, a vitally important, life-sustaining system that must operate at peak performance for years.


And that is why we need to think about plumbing from a different perspective than from what has been done for years; it seems to work so why fix it if it isn’t broke, right?


Wrong. Thinking about how best to install a system to optimize performance (deliver hot water more efficiently) and limit chances of call-backs (that can lead to loss of reputation) is exactly what we should do. PEX tubing can help you do that.


Challenge yourself to step back, think about the structure you are going to plumb, where all of the fixtures located are, and how can I group them into a cluster and find the right product (multiport fittings) that can allow you to optimize the design.


A logical three-step planning process can bring this to reality for you.

  • Identify location of all plumbing outlets and group them together
  • Plan the most direct path through the structure to connect fixture groupings
  • Identify the appropriate location for the multiport fittings


Planning for logic with PEX in your plumbing system is simple and will save time, money and headaches. Again, I challenge you to step back and look at your plumbing system installs from a different perspective; it will open your eyes to looking at things more logically.


I would love to hear about your successes (and shortcomings) with this logical process. Feel free to comment or ask questions below. You can also hear more from me in this Green Builder webinar about the benefits of plumbing with PEX.