I met recently with the Vice President of Facilities at a large real estate company. His company owns 90,000 apartment units across the United States and his job was to oversee the maintenance, repair, and construction of these properties. 


Sometimes asking the right question during a meeting can uncover a wealth of information. During this visit I happened to ask my contact this question. “What keeps you up at night”.  I often get answers like, “a barking dog”, or “my teenagers”, or even “spicy foods”. Not this time. In his mind it was simple and without hesitation he answered, “water”. He continued, “water, water, and more water”. I had to find out more. 


During the next few minutes he related to me stories about how water problems did more damage to their properties than any other issue. He revealed that water leaks from roofs, windows, plumbing, sewage, and storm drains were all part of the mix and occurred on a daily basis. I learned that water-related repairs accounted for a large percentage of his overall budget and represented tens of millions of dollars in cost each year. I was shocked but also felt a little giddy.


In the back of my mind I was thinking this. I work for Uponor. We make PEX-a piping systems for hot and cold water plumbing and piping systems that use fewer fittings with the most reliable connection in the industry. If plumbing leaks were part of his insomnia problem, perhaps I could help. 


My next statement was this, “I think I may have a way to help you sleep better”. He was intrigued and over the course of the next few minutes I described the benefits of Uponor PEX-a piping systems. We covered our design parameters, our installer training programs, our history of reliability, and our warranty program. We agreed that over the next few months we will work together to train his maintenance people, help him oversee the re-pipe of an aging property, and work with his design team for an all new apartment complex. 


A few days ago I followed up with my contact. Without even having to ask he stated, “I am starting to sleep a little better”. He made the connection. Uponor PEX-a systems had him sleeping better in a matter of weeks. 


If water problems are contributing to your lack of sleep, please check out this webinar. It covers the basics of how Uponor systems can be used in multi-family housing and hospitality applications to make everyone, including you, sleep just a little better.