1) Uponor Booth: Most of the time the booth was so packed with customers that I couldn't even get in. At the end of the second day, our lead count exceeded last year's total!


2) Engaged Customers:  Customers were interested in learning more about Uponor as a Commercial PEX Piping System Solution provider (both Hydronic Distribution Piping and Plumbing).  Customers didn't just look, they stayed in our booth talking with us about how we can help them.


3) New Customers: I had a great discussion with a fancoil manufacturer wanting to replace the copper connection piping between his units with an Uponor piping system. Everyone is starting to "get it".


4) Solving problems: The look on people's face when they make their first ProPEX connection and understand how our systems can save them both time and money versus copper and other metallic piping systems. It just never gets old.


5) Friends and Colleagues: Always great to catch up with old friends.


6) Ice skating at Rockefeller Center:  I heard that there is free skating if you fall and crack your head hard on the ice. If you don't "feel it" it's sometimes better to pull back and only do the double salchow.


7) New York: What more can I say.  The city has an energy all its own and some great dining.


8) Javits Center food: NOT (you can get better, but you can't pay more).


9) Times Square snowstorm: Times Square is always a spectacle, but a big snowstorm just adds to the beauty.


10) See #1: Just can't say enough thanks to everyone at Uponor that was part of putting together a best in class booth and powerful show for our customers. You know you hit the home run when the "big wigs" from our competition stopped outside our booth and ogled for several minutes.