I wanted to take a few minutes to chat about the Radiant Rollout Mat (for radiant heating and cooling) and give a definitive answer to the looming question, “How can the RROM save money?”  I could spend some time writing about all that stuff that gives us that warm fuzzy feeling, but I would rather get straight to benefits that can be measured in terms cost, labor, and ROI.

As we have documented in a number of our literature pieces, we believe we can achieve a maximum of 85% labor savings with the use of the RROM. Believe it or not, we did not just pull this number out of the clouds, we developed this from time studies on previous installs. Although there has been some pushback by a number of internal stakeholders, keep in mind that this is not just labor savings from tubing installation, it spans through the entire radiant heating and cooling systems installation.

The obvious savings by using a RROM comes in the form of installation time. A 6" on center mat comes in either ½" or 5/8" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing that is spaced 6" on center. In this configuration there are 5 loops that cover a total floor width of 5 feet allowing 5X the tubing to be installed on each run and a 30% reduction on the number of staples/wire ties/zip ties. By installing this mat configuration with the in slab reverse return header there is a reduction in the number of manifold ports needed by 80%.

In addition to the dramatic reduction in manifolds and fixing solutions, customers are also able to reduce the projects demand and associated labor with installation and system commissioning. Reduce the number of; manifold supply and return ball valves, manifold adapters and fittings, actuators, buffer tanks, mixing valves, distribution piping, tees, elbows, rings, and PVC bend supports. Although I haven’t added dollar figures to this brief outlook, it is obvious these additional components add a lot of time and cost to a radiant system that can be avoided with the use of a Radiant Rollout Mat.

To recap, Uponor’s Radiant Rollout Mats for radiant heating and cooling are a custom-designed, prefabricated network of Wirsbo hePEX oxygen-barrier tubing, that provide a fast, efficient and consistent method for installing radiant heating and cooling systems in large commercial areas. These mats have successfully been installed in several very high profile commercial buildings; NREL (the first net zero commercial building), and Pier 15’s Exploratorium (a cutting edge museum) to name a few. Keep this product line in mind when the next radiant project presents itself, it could be a great opportunity to upsell its unique benefits and cost savings.


Best Regards,


Justin Churchill