With unprecedented snow and ice storms around the country over the past few months, you’d hardly think anyone would be excited about the weather. But, if you work for a company that makes snow and ice melting systems, then you’d be grinning all the way down your clear, dry, non-snow-covered walkway to work.


At Uponor, where we manufacture crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing for use in plumbing, radiant heating and cooling and fire sprinkler systems, a snow and ice melting system is a wonderful luxury that automatically melts snow and ice as soon as it hits the pavement. How does it work? The flexible PEX tubing is installed within the concrete during construction and a warm water/glycol mix (glycol keeps the water from freezing) circulates through the tubing to keep the concrete slab warm enough to melt the snow and ice on contact.


So who’s using this type of system? Businesses and building owners all around the country! Places from New York to the Twin Cities are talking about the growing trend of snow and ice melting systems for sidewalks, driveways, walkways and parking lots.